Stump Grinding with Underground Services

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Tree stump near water main

Last week Just Stumpgrinding had a great example of dealing with tree stump grinding with underground services. When our operator arrived on site he could see the mains water box at the front of the property. This looked as though the water would run very close to where the tree stump was positioned.

The picture shows the water mains box open. With the stump in the background. If you look closely, you can see the copper water pipe running to the right of the stump on the surface. (Don’t always assume underground services sit deeply underground). It could be something as simple as natural earth and soil erosion over time. Caused by heavy rain, or movement. As the operator knew precisely where that water pipe was positioned, he was able to grind safely without hitting the water.

If your tree stumps are located at the front of your property, we ask that you thoroughly check the property for existing underground services before we attend site. Stump grinding with underground services does not need to get in the way of removing your tree stump. Feel free to check out our other post which goes into more detail around site hazards when stump grinding.

Tree stump in Chapel Hill