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Tree Root Ball Grinding and Removal Services

Tree Root Ball Grinding and Removal –

When the Brisbane storms hit and trees are blown over and the tree has been removed what is left to deal with is a tree rootball.
We have the experience to deal with tree rootballs. Normal stump grinding machines have a grinding wheel maximum height of approximately 30 – 50 cm. This height doesn’t allow for the grinding of a rootball. Just Stumpgrinding has the experience and machinery to grind tree rootballs in excess of 2 metres.

Leaving tree rootballs in the ground isn’t recommended as the protruding roots, deep holes from the pulled up roots and the raised root mass are very hazardous. The rootball left in the ground leaves the area unusable and dangerous.

It is worth looking at your household insurance policy to see what your insurance company does with tree removal in the event of a storm. In the last few storms we have had here in Brisbane we have been amazed at the different insurance companies policies when it comes to cleaning up the damage from storms. Some companies covered full cleanup of the fallen tree including rootball while others covered tree trunks and branches but not the protruding rootballs. Why not take the time to check what your insurance company fine print covers, especially if you have lots of trees around your property.

Check out our tree root ball grinding video.