The Feng Shui of Trees

According to the principals of Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese environmental science, everything can be classified to one, or a combination of 5 types. Commonly called the 5 elements, they are used to describe and classify everything.

The 5 elements are water, wood, fire, earth and metal. The five elements may either be tangible or intangible, when they are tangible they are matter when they are intangible they are energy. The five elements are to be considered as processes more that objects or substances. The 5 elements may be in a state of harmony or imbalance according to the relationship between them and their placement.

Environmental harmony is achieved by a balancing the 5 elements in and around our environment by their correct placement. Where there is disharmony by simply introducing one or more of the five elements into our environment balance may be restored.

Harmony is achieved when the 5 elements generate each other e.g. water generates wood, wood generates fire, fire generates earth and earth generates metal. Disharmony occurs when they are controlling each other. E.g. water controls fire, fire controls metal. Metal controls wood and wood controls earth. Wood indicates benevolence, growth and determination. The wood element is abundantly found in living plants and trees.

Trees provide shade, homes for insects and birds and give a sense of beauty and life to our homes. However, the positions of trees have much more profound impact on the environment than what is immediately obvious to the eye.
A very common Feng Shui problem is when a tree is located directly in line with the front door. This positioning is called a poison arrow in Feng Shui terms. Just as the name suggests, the poison arrow is extremely dangerous.
Although we generally do not like to remove trees in Feng Shui in this circumstance it is advisable to remove the tree.

Other circumstances when a tree should be removed are
• When it is dead
• The roots or branches are threatening the house
• When the tree is harming the earth element of the five elements
• It has a sinister appearance
• Blocking the flow of energy

If a tree removal is required, the whole tree should be removed including the stump. Leaving the stump may still leave the Feng Shui problem unsolved, especially when it is a case of a tree blocking the “mouth of qi”. (view picture below)

Tree stump in front of Brisbane property

Bad Feng Shui

Tree stump blocks the front door (the mouth of the house)

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