Cheap Tree Stump Grinding? Could be Nasty.

Chloe Root Systems, Standard

We may not be the cheapest tree stump grinding company in Brisbane. However, we do

  • Guarantee all our work and fix it for free – if you aren’t satisfied with the stump grinding work completed, or part of a stump has been missed we will send our operator back to site to fix the job for free
  • Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority
  • We take care of our equipment and environment – we want to ensure we are leaving the site clean & tidy. Our operator carries around a blower, rake and shovel. We want to make sure we have all the equipment necessary to leave a work site clean
  • Family run business – here at Just Stumpgrinding we are family run business. Reputation is at stake – please see what our customers have to say about us 
Moogerah Tree Stump

Can we tree stump grind in the rain?

Chloe Stump Grinding Challenges, Video

With all the wet weather around lately, we have been getting asked a lot whether we can still operate in the rain. Stump grinding is a service which is completed outside. No one wants to be standing on the back/operating a machine in the pouring rain. It can add a significate risk factor depending on the situation. eg, if the stump is on a hill/angle – stump grinding machine could slip, tip and fall. We also don’t want to cause any damage to your property. This includes churning up grass if we need to drive across a yard to get to a stump. Impairs visibility for our operator, which can put him at risk.

However, if you have a stump sitting next to your driveway and we can get our machine to drive down the driveway not causing any damage to grass/turf of dirt then we are okay to go ahead.

Tree Stump Grinding in the rain can be a challenge.

Tight Spot Tree Stump Grinding in Kangaroo Point

Chloe Stump Grinding Access, Stump Grinding Hazards, Tight Spot Stump Grinding

Tight Spot Tree Stump Grinding
Builder’s trench created a difficult & some tight spot stump grinding in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane

We received a call from a builder where he had come up against a difficult situation involving a tree stump. A lack of planning created a more difficult and more expensive stump grinding job. We had to set up our aluminium ramps to straddle the trench.

This added more risk as the stump grinding machine could have fallen into the trench. As the wall was quite soft there was also a risk of the trench collapsing.

In short, when there are tree stumps involved ring us first. This will save you lots of time, money and stress.

The challenge with quoting over the phone

Brian Portable Hand Held Stump Grinder, Quote, Stump Grinding Access

Recently we went to a job where a customer had been given a price by another stump grinding company over the phone. When we inspected the job our price was more than double. It turned out the other company turned up to do the job but all of a sudden the machine broke down before he could start. We carry three different sized stump grinders for a reason. It makes us more efficient and allows us to grind any stump requested by us. We get to the job site and realise access is very limited and only possible with our small portable hand held stump grinder. As you can imagine the customer is assuming the price would be similar if not the same amount originally quoted by the other company. After explaining the situation and our three different stump grinders to the customer he completely understood why our price is double. Our customer thought it was fair, and reasonable and wanted us to go ahead with the job. Access has more of a significant impact on pricing than the size of the stump.

Stump Grinder Ramps

Chloe Stump Grinding Access


We always ensure we carry around aluminum ramps to all our jobs. In situations like the above, we can easily use the ramps to drive our largest machine up onto a garden bed. Using our larger grinder to have the job completed quicker.

Tree Stump Grind In Sherwood

Chloe Mulch

Tree Stump Grind in SherwoodTree Stump Grind In Sherwood

Our client needed a tree stump removed in Sherwood. The centre of the tree had rotted out. It was fortunate the tree was removed as it was very weak. The second photo shows the finished product. A nice pile of mulch. This is perfect to use on garden beds.

Brisbane Tree Stump with Perspective

Chloe Quote, Stump Grinding Access

Brisbane Tree Stump with Perspective


When quoting stumps from photos we need perspective. Place an item on the stump or beside the stump so we can get an indication of dimension. Something simple like a shoe, garden rake or brick. Also what affects tree stump grinding pricing the most is access. The larger the stump grinding machine we can get to the stump the cheaper the stump grinding price will be. ie measure gate widths and pathways. The average gate size in Brisbane is approximately 900mm. Also look for air conditioning and hot water services blocking access.

Tree Stump Parked Next To Parked Car

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Safety is an important priority for us when stump grinding. We do carry around protective barriers to all our jobs. However, this car is parked right next to the stump. So we would need to ensure it is moved prior to completing the grinding work. There are also multiple stones around the stump, which the grinder can flick up. Before giving us a call please ensure all stones and vehicles are removed from the immediate area.

Small Portable Stump Grinder

Chloe Portable Hand Held Stump Grinder, Stump Grinding Access

Portable or handheld tree stump grinding machine


Our portable stump grinder enables us to get to those difficult to reach areas. Due to the weight of this machine, we are able to use in delicate areas. This ensures no damage is carried out to any surrounding tiles or surface areas. This small machine allows the operator more control and accuracy to ensure we are completing the grind efficiently and accurately.



Stump grinding a tree rootball

Brian Tree Rootballs

Most of the time when you have a problem with a tree root ball you have had a large tree fall over. In most cases it is the result of a storm with high winds. The trees branches and trunk are pretty straight forward to deal with utilising chainsaws and wood chippers. When it comes to whats left i.e. the rootball that is another story.

Tree root balls can be a challenge to remove. They can be quite heavy and also in difficult positions for crane trucks to pick up and take away. The cost of the crane truck, the time to drive away to the dump and then the cost of dumping all adds up. Stump grinding the rootball is in most cases the most efficient way to deal with them. When you take into account all aspects of removal our experience is that it is also the most cost effective option. 

Our larger  stump grinder is very versatile in its ability to lift the grinding head. This enables us to grind the largest rootballs. It doesn’t matter how big the tree root ball is we can take care of the problem. We have had to stump grind rootballs 2 metres tall which would be near impossible for the average stump grinder.

We turned this tree rootball in Ashgrove into usable mulch with not too much difficulty.

The small little clouds in the video were the dirt clump which surrounded the tree roots. Most of the left over mulch and dirt went into filling up the hole which was left when the tree fell over. It is more than likely, that the combination of tree root mulch mixed with soil in that particular area will end up being the most fertile because of the extra organic material in the soil. You may have to compact the area down a bit and allow for settling.