Red Gum Tree Stump Grind

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Just Stumpgrinding was called out to grind a large red gum tree stump.

You can see in the picture below that is looked significantly large next to our kanga stump grinder. As our largest machine is able to move the cutting head back and forth and from side to side. This was no issue for our grinding machine. This is our largest cheapest machine to use as it is hydraulically operated.

Due to the beautiful rich red colour of the red gum species, the mulch produced will be the same colour. The mulch will break down over time and won’t stay the same volume.

The tree lopper did a great job in cutting the tree all the way down to ground level only leaving us with the tree stump and root systems to take care of.

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Red Gum Tree Stump

Tree Rootball Stump Grinding


A few weeks ago Just Stumpgrinding were called out to a situation where a big storm had passed through and knocked a gum tree over. As this tree was right next to the front fence it ended up knocking the fence over with it. In the process of the tree falling over it has completely up rooted and pulled the large rootball mass out of the ground. You can see at the base of the trunk all the dirt, soil embedded into the stump and root systems. 

These root balls can be quite heavy and can make a difficult situation for cranes and tow trucks to pick up and remove. With stump grinding we can cut the wood into a very usable mulch product. Over time the mulch breaks down and is great to throw on top of your garden bed.

Using our large kanga stump grinding machine we can easily raise the cutting head which allows us to grind really tall/large root balls.

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Why would you leave a tree stump in your yard?

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We found termites in a tree stump in Brisbane.

We came across some active termites in a large stump in our customers’ yard. The stump had been there for quite some time. Upon close inspection we uncovered some bark and the termites begin to scurry. Termites love cellulose and tree stumps provide a steady supply. It is nature in action, termites are just doing their job which is to break down dead matter to enable the return of organic material to the earth. Pest controllers usually suggest removing potential nest sites in your yard. ie tree stumps, old timber, etc.

Some Termite Species

Termites are social insects and build communal nests. There are a few termite species, such as coptotermes acinaciformis and coptotermes frenchi often found in trees and tree stumps of trees. They can also be found in old landscaping sleepers left in the soil. The termite species schedorhinotermes intermedius is can also be found in trees and stumps. Especially when the stumps are covered by soil. In termite colonies which make mounds such as nasutitermes exitiosus, the nest area is more easily located as it is mostly in the central area of the mounded structure. Termites are able to attack timber in the ground and buildings by making an underground network of galleries or highways from the nest to the food sources. This is the problem with leaving a tree stump in your yard.

Tree stumps can have termite nests
Termite hazards around the home

In conclusion, we have tried to illustrate the potential hazards of leaving tree stumps and old timber against the house. Rotting fences and even tree mulch against your home can be a problem. Leaking plumbing is another important issue to minimize. Importantly, there are many more problems to look out for to minimise termite impact. Take a look around your yard and notice any potential hazards. Termites are only doing the job they were born to do. Which is to eat wood, get cellulose, starches and sugars from the sapwood (outer wood) of trees. Termites can also eat any wooden structures, including stumps, logs and human constructions.

Tree Stump Grinding with Termites in Ipswich

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Tree Stump Grinding with Termites in Ipswich.

A common question we get asked here at Just Stumpgrinding in relation to termites is, what is better? “Do we poison a tree stump or do we stump grind first?”. So there are different factors which influence this question because trees can grow just about anywhere if given the right conditions. But for typical residential suburban properties, we do recommend poisoning the termites first. This is so when we do complete the stump grind we aren’t spraying live termites around. Call a professional pest control specialist or you can go to Bunning’s to get a termite treatment. Usually, it takes a week for termite solutions to work. And then we can follow up and stump grind the tree stump. If you would like to be extra cautious we do recommend removing any mulch left over after the stump grind and placing in the bin.

We thought this video was incredible because it shows a great example of tree stump grinding with termites. You can see the live termites close up and active in the middle of the tree stump.

Making the environment less appealing to termites

  • Ventilation of the sub-floor area reduces the moisture content of the air and prevents condensation of water on the wood.
  • Leaking drainage and water pipes should be fixed to avoid providing the soil moisture termites require.
  • Natural seepage may be reduced by the installation of subterranean drains.
  • Removing old pieces of timber around the house and yard.
  • Removing tree stumps to reduce food sources reduces pressure on your property.

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Gum Tree Stump Grind in Ipswich

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About to start stump grinding a hardwood tree stump

The above image is from a gum tree stump grind job in Ipswich. Which Just Stumpgrinding successfully completed. Gum tree stumps are a hardwood type. Resulting in a harder stump to grind. Our Kanga stump grinding machine was able to easily convert this stump into a lovely pile of organic mulch.

This particular tree stump grind took roughly around an hour to complete. With our operator being mindful of the deck posts sitting close to the stump. He was able to maneuver the stump grinder’s cutting head across the stump. Being mindful of not damaging the post already in the ground. A job like this would have been much easier before the building was commenced. But we understand that sometimes you want to keep the tree in the area. House or building ends up being constructed as is. Then a few years or many years down the track there is the desire to remove the tree. This could be a result of a new owner of the property, the tree starts to die or maybe dropping material on the building house or structure.

Take a look at the progress shots below –

Closeup view of the gum stump
Half way through stump grinding
Hardwood tree stumps tend to make finer mulch
After our Gum Tree Stump Grind in Ipswich have a nice pile of mulch ready for our rake up.

If you need hardwood tree stump grinding and you would like the job done properly give Just Stumpgrinding a call today.

Fig Tree Stump Grinding in Brisbane

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Fig Tree Stump in Brisbane

Just Stumpgrinding receives multiple calls throughout the week for tree stump grinding enquiries. The above example is of a fig tree stump grind in Brisbane. The tree stump was immediately adjacent to the customer’s deck. Roots were growing under the building. The customer needed it dealt with.

You can see in the above picture the typical vigorous, invasive fig tree root system. These roots will grow where they want to grow. This can, unfortunately, result in damaged sewer/water pipes, and cause damage to building/housing structures. Can also be a potential trip hazard and not very visually appealing to look at in its current state. This customer wanted to remove the tree and grind the stump and fig tree root systems to remove the risk of the roots causing any damage to the house. 

Fig Tree Stump in Brisbane

Fig Tree stump Grind in Brisbane

There was a decent amount of organic mulch created by our Kanga stump grinder because of the density of the fig tree stump. This organic useable mulch is great for your garden beds and does break down over time. Please note Just Stumpgrinding doesn’t have the facilities to remove any materials from the site. The operator would complete this job by raking all mulch into a pile and blowing all sawdust from the deck area.

Large Gum Tree Stump in Ipswich


Last week Just Stumpgrinding was called to a job in Ipswich. This was to provide a quote to remove a large gum tree stump to the side of the property. They were unable to use an excavator to pull this tree stump out due to risk of damaging the fence and neighbour’s embankment. The customer was happy with the free quote so we ended up completing the work on the spot.

Gum tree stump in Ipswich with grinder

Our operator was able to tie up a tarp to cover the window on the side of the house. Before using the stump grinder. You can also see in the first photo that the operator has used the barrier to reduce the amount of mulch and dust towards that area.

We were able to take progress shots throughout the stump grind being completed. And luckily we did! We were able to capture this fantastic perspective of the inside of a gum tree stump. Incredible to see the tree roots, how they sit in the ground and the stability they provide for the tree.

Inside of a tree stump in Ipswich
Gum tree roots
Leftover gum stump with stump grinder

You can see in the above photo the stump has completely been ground up. The operator will pull all the mulch into a neat pile and that’s another tree stump grinder job completed here at Just Stumpgrinding.

Stump Grinding with Underground Services

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Tree stump near water main

Last week Just Stumpgrinding had a great example of dealing with tree stump grinding with underground services. When our operator arrived on site he could see the mains water box at the front of the property. This looked as though the water would run very close to where the tree stump was positioned.

The picture shows the water mains box open. With the stump in the background. If you look closely, you can see the copper water pipe running to the right of the stump on the surface. (Don’t always assume underground services sit deeply underground). It could be something as simple as natural earth and soil erosion over time. Caused by heavy rain, or movement. As the operator knew precisely where that water pipe was positioned, he was able to grind safely without hitting the water.

If your tree stumps are located at the front of your property, we ask that you thoroughly check the property for existing underground services before we attend site. Stump grinding with underground services does not need to get in the way of removing your tree stump. Feel free to check out our other post which goes into more detail around site hazards when stump grinding.

Tree stump in Chapel Hill

Cheap Tree Stump Grinding? Not always worth it.

ChloeRoot Systems, Standard

We may not be the cheapest tree stump grinding company in Brisbane. However, we do

  • Guarantee all our work and fix it for free – if you aren’t satisfied with the stump grinding work completed, or part of a stump has been missed we will send our operator back to site to fix the job for free
  • Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority
  • We take care of our equipment and environment – we want to ensure we are leaving the site clean & tidy. Our operator carries around a blower, rake and shovel. We want to make sure we have all the equipment necessary to leave a work site clean
  • Family run business – here at Just Stumpgrinding we are family run business. Reputation is at stake – please see what our customers have to say about us 

We understand that cheap tree stump grinding may be appealing but we do ask you do your research on the chosen company if you want the job done properly.

Moogerah Tree Stump

Can we tree stump grind in the rain?

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We have had a lot of wet weather around lately. We have been getting asked a lot whether we can tree stump grind in the rain. Stump grinding is a service which is completed outside. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to stand in the rain. Let alone standing on the back/operating a stump grinding machine in the pouring rain. It can add a significate risk factor depending on the situation. For example, if the stump is on a hill/angle – stump grinding machine could slip, tip and fall. We also don’t want to cause any damage to your property. This includes churning up grass if we need to drive across a yard to get to a stump. Impairs visibility for our operator, which can put him at risk.

However, if you have a stump sitting next to your driveway and we can get our machine to drive down the driveway not causing any damage to grass/turf of dirt then we are okay to go ahead. If you are ever unsure whether we can tree stump grind in the rain, give our office a call and ask us today.

Tree Stump Grinding in the rain can be a challenge.

Tight Spot Tree Stump Grinding in Kangaroo Point

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Tight Spot Tree Stump Grinding
Builder’s trench created a difficult & some tight spot stump grinding in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane

Just Stumpgrinding had a tight spot tree stump grinding in kangaroo point job to complete.

We received a call from a building company. The builder explained to us that he had come up against a difficult situation involving a tree stump. The builder had thought the tree stump wouldn’t have gotten in the way. However, as the trench was dug out they could see all the roots spilling forward over the trench. Now we had a stump to grind which had a massive trench and little access around it. A lack of planning created a more difficult and more expensive stump grinding job. We had to set up our aluminium ramps to straddle the trench.

This added more risk as the stump grinding machine could have fallen into the trench. As the wall was quite soft there was also a risk of the trench collapsing. This put the builder’s job on hold and had to wait until the stump had been removed before he could continue.

In short, when there are tree stumps involved ring us first. This will save you lots of time, money and stress.

Tight Spot Tree Stump Grinding in Kangaroo Point.

Quoting tree stumps over the phone

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Recently we went to a job where a customer had been given a price by another stump grinding company over the phone. The challenge with tree stump quoting over the phone is illustrated when we inspected. Our price was more than double. It turned out the other company turned up to do the job. After tree quoting over the phone. However, their machine broke down before they could start. We carry three different sized stump grinders for a reason. It makes us more efficient and allows us to grind any stump requested by us. We get to the job site and realise access is very limited. Only possible with our small portable hand held stump grinder. As you can imagine the customer is assuming the price would be similar if not the same amount originally quoted by the other company.

After explaining the situation and our three different stump grinders to the customer he completely understood why our price is double. Our customer thought it was fair, and reasonable and wanted us to go ahead with the job. Access has more of a significant impact on pricing than the size of the stump. Horsepower is everything when it comes to stump grinding. It is the power getting to the cutting head which influences how quickly and efficiently the wood of the tree stump is turned to mulch. Large hardwood tree stumps with limited access requiring our smallest machine are the most expensive tree stumps to grind. 

In conclusion, the above is an example of one of the challenges with quoting tree stumps over the phone.

Digging Out a Tree Stump

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Digging out a tree stump can be a long tedious tiring job. It is not uncommon when our customers enquire and mention that they have attempted to dig it out themselves. And why wouldn’t you be able to dig it out? What is so hard about digging out a tree stump? 

Firstly, tree stumps are the part of the tree leftover in the ground after the tree has been cut down or felled. Depending on how old the tree was the stump and it’s root systems can be very established in the ground. Different tree species have different roots systems. Whether they have a main taproot (trees more accustomed to droughts) or fibrous roots which grow in a mass from the base (golden canes and palm tree species. Then you have tree species like figs, poincianas and umbrella trees who display surface roots. Typically customers will have a go at digging out these tree stump surface roots as they are very obvious on the ground’s surface. The image above is a great example of a tree stump and roots attempted to be dug out prior to us attending the site. 

Why not give us a call to do the work? Our stump grinder can easily grind the tree stump. Turning it into organic usable mulch.

However, if digging out a tree stump is something you want to consider doing give it a go! keep our number on hand, it will more than likely end up being a bigger job than anticipated.

Tree Stump In Raised Garden Bed

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Tree Stump in Raised Garden Bed


Our Customer called and enquired with a few palm tree stumps located in a raised garden bed. In Brisbane, Corinda. It is very common for trees/bushes and plants to be planted in garden beds, including raised garden beds! They look tidy and can add another dimension and value to the property

We complete many of these jobs a week. So our operator knew which of our three different sized machines would be the best to use. Due to the limited access, it did require our small handheld stump grinder to complete. This was due to the fact we were able to lift the small machine up into the garden bed allowing us to access the stumps. As they were originally palm trees it made light work for our stump grinding machine. This is due to palm stumps being a softwood. Generally, we find if customers are wanting stumps removed from a garden bed they will want to put another tree or plant in the space. This would require for a deeper grind to enable us to get all the root systems out. 

If you have a tree stump in a raised garden bed give us a call at Just Stumpgrinding. We are more than happy to assist.