Tree Stump Grinding with Termites in Ipswich

Chloe Tree Stump Termites, Video

Tree Stump Grinding with Termites in Ipswich.

A common question we get asked here at Just Stumpgrinding in relation to termites is, what is better? “Do we poison a tree stump or do we stump grind first?”. So there are different factors which influence this question because trees can grow just about anywhere if given the right conditions. But for typical residential suburban properties, we do recommend poisoning the termites first. This is so when we do complete the stump grind we aren’t spraying live termites around. Call a professional pest control specialist or you can go to Bunning’s to get a termite treatment. Usually, it takes a week for termite solutions to work. And then we can follow up and stump grind the tree stump. If you would like to be extra cautious we do recommend removing any mulch left over after the stump grind and placing in the bin.

We thought this video was incredible because it shows a great example of tree stump grinding with termites. You can see the live termites close up and active in the middle of the tree stump.

Making the environment less appealing to termites

  • Ventilation of the sub-floor area reduces the moisture content of the air and prevents condensation of water on the wood.
  • Leaking drainage and water pipes should be fixed to avoid providing the soil moisture termites require.
  • Natural seepage may be reduced by the installation of subterranean drains.
  • Removing old pieces of timber around the house and yard.
  • Removing tree stumps to reduce food sources reduces pressure on your property.

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