Brisbane Tree Stump Grinding Services

Tree stump grinding involves the use of specialised equipment.
Stump grinding equipment varies in horse power, maneuverability, and dimension. Usually more horse power equates to faster stump grinding, but there is a price to pay. The price paid for higher horse power is less maneuverability and larger dimension which restricts access.

The engine drives a cutting/grinding wheel, tipped with tungsten carbide teeth. Tungsten carbide teeth are used for its superior hardness and wear ability. Plain sharpened steel for an example would quickly wear and break. This is why you cannot use a chainsaw to cut away a tree stump. The cutting wheel rotates and chops away the wood of the tree stump. The higher the horse power, the more force is directed to the grinding wheel and consequently the faster and more efficient is the stump grinding job.

When we come to your site for inspection and pricing we need to establish access to the stump, and consequently which machine would be most suitable for your requirements. During inspection, please inform us what your reasons for stump grinding. Are you removing the stump to re-turf, or to re-plant in the area, is there any construction taking place in the area, ie – concrete slabs, footings, paving, etc, or are you removing the tree stump for white ant/termite prevention? These variables determine how deep we need to stump grind. For example; turfing requires a minimum of 4 inches/100mm, or complete removal can sometimes require 1 meter plus in grinding depth. These variations of coarse effect our pricing.

We grind your tree stumps into usable mulch. Tree stump mulch is usually used to fill the hole left by grinding. Excess mulch is great organic material for your garden or compost bin, worms love it and it eventually breaks down to improve your soil and or keep the moisture in the ground.

We have large and small machines which are capable of grinding any sized tree stump. The portable stump grinder can even be taken through your house or unit.

Tree stump grinding is the most affordable method of removing tree stumps. Depending on the situation, nearly complete stump removal is possible with a grinder.

When you want your tree stump grinding job done properly in any Brisbane suburb, give us a call on 07 3279 6955.

Palm stumps in garden bed
Ground up palm stumps in garden bed

Grinding stumps in a Brisbane garden bed enables easy re planting.

Grinding mulch adds more organic material which improves the soil, making plants happier.

Hardwood gum stump
After grinding of hardwood gum stump

Customer tried digging out this gum stump, spending countless hours. Note the water pipe running under the buttress roots.

Tree stump grinding is the most cost effective and efficient method for stump removal.