Before and After Stump Grinding

Before and after images of tree stump grinding in Brisbane

Native tree stump in Brisbane
[x_text class=”center-text “]Native Tree stump with 70cm diameter[/x_text]
Gum stump ready for stump grinding
[x_text]Gum stump showing the mulch volume after
Stump grinding in brisbane backyard
[x_text]The customer happily spread the stump grinding mulch all over his garden bed.[/x_text]
Tight access stump in brisbane
[x_text class=”center-text “]A tight access stump in between pavers. Careful grinding was needed to make sure no pavers were cracked in the process.[/x_text]
Shrub in Brisbane garden needing grinding
[x_text]Small shrub in a tight area ready for re planting[/x_text]
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