Large Gum Tree Stump in Ipswich

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Last week Just Stumpgrinding was called to a job in Ipswich. This was to provide a quote to remove a large gum tree stump to the side of the property. They were unable to use an excavator to pull this tree stump out due to risk of damaging the fence and neighbour’s embankment. The customer was happy with the free quote so we ended up completing the work on the spot.

Gum tree stump in Ipswich with grinder

Our operator was able to tie up a tarp to cover the window on the side of the house. Before using the stump grinder. You can also see in the first photo that the operator has used the barrier to reduce the amount of mulch and dust towards that area.

We were able to take progress shots throughout the stump grind being completed. And luckily we did! We were able to capture this fantastic perspective of the inside of a gum tree stump. Incredible to see the tree roots, how they sit in the ground and the stability they provide for the tree.

Inside of a tree stump in Ipswich
Gum tree roots
Leftover gum stump with stump grinder

You can see in the above photo the stump has completely been ground up. The operator will pull all the mulch into a neat pile and that’s another tree stump grinder job completed here at Just Stumpgrinding.