FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Are you left with any materials on site?

Yes, as our machines cut up the stump into a mulch product you will be left with a small pile of mulch on site where the original stump was positioned. This mulch material is perfect for your garden and breaks down over time feeding your garden worms.

How do I pay once the stump grinding work has been completed?

Our operator carries an EFTPOS machine on site otherwise we can provide bank details for a direct deposit. You are also welcome to ring the office and pay by card over the phone

What is the average cost for stump grinding?

There are a few different factors that influence stump grinding prices. – size, species, depth & access. Assuming using a larger machine the average hardwood stump at 30cm diameter and 20cm height would cost around $70+GST.

How long will the job take?

This will be dependent on the size of the stump/s and which machine we can take to the area. For example, a 30cm gum stump would take about 30-40 minutes with our portable grinder and 10 minutes with our larger machine.

Are you fully insured?

Yes we are, we have $20 million public liability cover.

Do I need to be home?

No, we do not require anyone to be home. If we have access to the stumps, we can have the operator give you a call from the site and discuss it with you over the phone.

What access do I need?

We have three different-sized machines ranging in diameters 500mm up to 890mm. Our operator also carries aluminium ramps if needed to get the stump grinder up onto retaining walls or stairs.

What is the difference between tree stump grinding and tree stump removal?

Stump grinding is the process of a machine with a cutting head on the front. This machine then maneuverers back of forth over the stump cutting it up into a mulch product. Tree stump removal involves using an excavator-type machine to pull the stump out of the ground in its entirety.

Is it better to grind a stump or remove it?

We believe it is cheaper and has less impact on your garden to grind the tree stump. Grinding is less invasive to the surrounding area. Our larger stump grinder can grind as much as a metre underground which would enable at least 90% of the tree stump to be removed. Tree stump removal requires a large excavator or backhoe to dig out the stump. Dumping the tree stump root ball has an additional cost.

How deep do you need to grind a stump? 

Our standard depth is 150-200mm below ground level, however we can take it as deep as you require. Using our larger machine we can grind to about a metre below ground level.

Can I plant a tree after stump grinding?

Yes, we would need to ensure we complete a deep grind on the existing stump to ensure most/all root systems are removed to allow the new plant/ tree to grow in its place. We can do this.