Gum Tree Stump Grind in Ipswich

Chloe Mulch, Stump Grinding Access

About to start stump grinding a hardwood tree stump

The above image is from a gum tree stump grind job in Ipswich. Which Just Stumpgrinding successfully completed. Gum tree stumps are a hardwood type. Resulting in a harder stump to grind. Our Kanga stump grinding machine was able to easily convert this stump into a lovely pile of organic mulch.

This particular tree stump grind took roughly around an hour to complete. With our operator being mindful of the deck posts sitting close to the stump. He was able to maneuver the stump grinder’s cutting head across the stump. Being mindful of not damaging the post already in the ground. A job like this would have been much easier before the building was commenced. But we understand that sometimes you want to keep the tree in the area. House or building ends up being constructed as is. Then a few years or many years down the track there is the desire to remove the tree. This could be a result of a new owner of the property, the tree starts to die or maybe dropping material on the building house or structure.

Take a look at the progress shots below –

Closeup view of the gum stump
Half way through stump grinding
Hardwood tree stumps tend to make finer mulch
After our Gum Tree Stump Grind in Ipswich have a nice pile of mulch ready for our rake up.

If you need hardwood tree stump grinding and you would like the job done properly give Just Stumpgrinding a call today.