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Stump Grinding Prices

When working out prices for stump grinding we determine based on our years of experience what is going to be involved. Tree stump grinding prices are based on tree stump hardness, the width of the stump and how deep you want us to grind. We will ask questions based on the reason for stump grinding. For example, what is going to be happening in the position of the tree stump. Are you going to be grassing over the spot, or is there concreting taking place, or are you going to replant in that spot. All these questions determine the depth of the stump grind. We want to do the job properly the first time.

Just Stumpgrinding has a $100 plus GST, minimum fee for any works carried out. This is to cover traveling time to your site. This is not a call out fee, for example, if you had 2 x medium palm stumps with good access you may get your stump grinding job for our minimum price.

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