Can we tree stump grind in the rain?

Chloe Stump Grinding Challenges, Video

With all the wet weather around lately, we have been getting asked a lot whether we can still operate in the rain. Stump grinding is a service which is completed outside. No one wants to be standing on the back/operating a machine in the pouring rain. It can add a significate risk factor depending on the situation. eg, if the stump is on a hill/angle – stump grinding machine could slip, tip and fall. We also don’t want to cause any damage to your property. This includes churning up grass if we need to drive across a yard to get to a stump. Impairs visibility for our operator, which can put him at risk.

However, if you have a stump sitting next to your driveway and we can get our machine to drive down the driveway not causing any damage to grass/turf of dirt then we are okay to go ahead.

Tree Stump Grinding in the rain can be a challenge.