Tight Spot Tree Stump Grinding in Kangaroo Point

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Tight Spot Tree Stump Grinding
Builder’s trench created a difficult & some tight spot stump grinding in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane

Just Stumpgrinding had a tight spot tree stump grinding in kangaroo point job to complete.

We received a call from a building company. The builder explained to us that he had come up against a difficult situation involving a tree stump. The builder had thought the tree stump wouldn’t have gotten in the way. However, as the trench was dug out they could see all the roots spilling forward over the trench. Now we had a stump to grind which had a massive trench and little access around it. A lack of planning created a more difficult and more expensive stump grinding job. We had to set up our aluminium ramps to straddle the trench.

This added more risk as the stump grinding machine could have fallen into the trench. As the wall was quite soft there was also a risk of the trench collapsing. This put the builder’s job on hold and had to wait until the stump had been removed before he could continue.

In short, when there are tree stumps involved ring us first. This will save you lots of time, money and stress.

Tight Spot Tree Stump Grinding in Kangaroo Point.