Are builders being negligent?

Brian Stump Grinding Hazards

Its amazing how many calls we get for jobs like this. Tree stump left under someones house. Do you think the builder was negligent, blind or just plan didn’t care? Customer wanted it gone. Was a bit of a challenge, grinding down deep enough to be able to get the tree stump out from under the side of the building. It went from what would have been a simple minimum grinding job ($100 plus GST)  to one with much greater cost because if difficulty and risk of damage to the side of the building. If you ever see your builder taking short cuts, don’t let them, say something and don’t except the poor workmanship.

The most obvious problem lies in the potential termite or white ant nest problem. The tree stump if nothing else will require constant chemical treatment to make sure termites don’t show up under the building.

On the same subject. This one was nearly as bad. A very large tree stump beside a building slab. Tree roots would have been growing under the concrete slab. We could grind this out to a satisfactory depth and have all the wood mulch moved away from the building. It just would have been a lot cheaper and easier to do the job properly first.