Stump Grinding Mulch


tree stump in Brisbane
Brisbane stump

Customers sometimes ask what will be left over after tree stump grinding. Check out the before and after pictures. The tree stumps compacted fibres are cut/torn apart with the stump grinders tungsten carbide cutting teeth. Consequently the stump grinding mulch created is aerated and fluffed up which greatly expands the volume of material. If the mulch is left to nature, usually within a few weeks the volume is reduced by about a third. The stump grinding mulch begins to decompose which is the natural process of returning the wooden fibre back to the earth. Most of our customers like to spread the mulch over their gardens which greatly assists the soil to retain moisture which helps plants grow. Make sure however you don’t put the mulch against your house slab or footings. You do not want a termite or white ant highway to your home.