Hand Digging A Stump Can Be Painful

Chloe Stump grinding depth

Hand digging a tree stump

In this situation, the customer had tried to hand dig their hardwood gum tree stump out by themselves. The customer was trying to dig under the stump to be able to dislodge it. After days of digging away by hand using a shovel and mattock and many blisters and sore muscles later, they decided to hand it over to the professionals. We came to the site with all our stump grinding machines and were able to grind this stump out within a few hours. We turned the hardwood tree stump into usable mulch. Our customer was very grateful and glad he called. Hand digging a tree stump is not for the faint-hearted, especially a hardwood.

If you are determined to dig the tree stump out your self make sure you choose the right digging tool and the tools are in good condition. The handles need to be sturdy and your tools need to be sharp. It’s worth using a metal grinder or file on the mattock or axe to make the job easier. A mattock is one of the most versatile tools because it can dig and chop. The mattock has a long handle, and a head with an axe blade and a cutter for digging up and cutting tree roots. A sharp axe would be a handy addition to the task as well. Lastly, wear really good gloves made of leather or some sort of tough material.