Quoting tree stumps over the phone

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Recently we went to a job where a customer had been given a price by another stump grinding company over the phone. The challenge with tree stump quoting over the phone is illustrated when we inspected. Our price was more than double. It turned out the other company turned up to do the job. After tree quoting over the phone. However, their machine broke down before they could start. We carry three different sized stump grinders for a reason. It makes us more efficient and allows us to grind any stump requested by us. We get to the job site and realise access is very limited. Only possible with our small portable hand held stump grinder. As you can imagine the customer is assuming the price would be similar if not the same amount originally quoted by the other company.

After explaining the situation and our three different stump grinders to the customer he completely understood why our price is double. Our customer thought it was fair, and reasonable and wanted us to go ahead with the job. Access has more of a significant impact on pricing than the size of the stump. Horsepower is everything when it comes to stump grinding. It is the power getting to the cutting head which influences how quickly and efficiently the wood of the tree stump is turned to mulch. Large hardwood tree stumps with limited access requiring our smallest machine are the most expensive tree stumps to grind. 

In conclusion, the above is an example of one of the challenges with quoting tree stumps over the phone.