Tree Stump Next To Parked Car

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Having a tree stump next to a parked car is a risk not willing to take when it comes to stump grinding. Safety is a very important priority for us when stump grinding.

We do carry around protective barriers to all our jobs. However, this car is parked right next to the stump. So we would need to ensure it is moved prior to completing the grinding work. You can also see there are also multiple stones around the stump, which the grinder can flick up. So even if we were to use our barrier between the tree stump and the car. We can’t guarantee that no stones wouldn’t fly over the top causing damage to the car.

It takes a minute if not less to move your car from the area. An easy solution to possibly a very expensive repair bill. Also considering the time your car would be off the road while being repaired. For this particular job, we would ask the customer to remove the stones from around the area along with moving the car.

Please ensure when arranging the stump grinding work that any tree stumps next to a parked car are moved from the area. 

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