Tree Stump In Raised Garden Bed

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Tree Stump in Raised Garden Bed


Our Customer called and enquired with a few palm tree stumps located in a raised garden bed. In Brisbane, Corinda. It is very common for trees/bushes and plants to be planted in garden beds, including raised garden beds! They look tidy and can add another dimension and value to the property

We complete many of these jobs a week. So our operator knew which of our three different sized machines would be the best to use. Due to the limited access, it did require our small handheld stump grinder to complete. This was due to the fact we were able to lift the small machine up into the garden bed allowing us to access the stumps. As they were originally palm trees it made light work for our stump grinding machine. This is due to palm stumps being a softwood. Generally, we find if customers are wanting stumps removed from a garden bed they will want to put another tree or plant in the space. This would require for a deeper grind to enable us to get all the root systems out. 

If you have a tree stump in a raised garden bed give us a call at Just Stumpgrinding. We are more than happy to assist.