Red Gum Tree Stump Grind

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Just Stumpgrinding was called out to grind a large red gum tree stump. You can see in the picture below that is looked significantly large next to our kanga stump grinder. As our largest machine is able to move the cutting head back and forth and from side to side. This was no issue for our grinding machine. This is …

Tree Rootball Stump Grinding

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A few weeks ago Just Stumpgrinding were called out to a situation where a big storm had passed through and knocked a gum tree over. As this tree was right next to the front fence it ended up knocking the fence over with it. In the process of the tree falling over it has completely up rooted and pulled the …

Quoting tree stumps over the phone

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Recently we went to a job where a customer had been given a price by another stump grinding company over the phone. The challenge with tree stump quoting over the phone is illustrated when we inspected. Our price was more than double. It turned out the other company turned up to do the job. After tree quoting over the phone. …

Tree Stump Grind In Sherwood

Chloe Mulch

Our client needed a tree stump removed in Sherwood. The centre of the tree had rotted out. It was fortunate the tree was removed as it was very weak. The second photo shows the finished product. A nice pile of mulch. This is perfect to use on garden beds.

Small Portable Stump Grinder

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Our small portable stump grinder enables us to get to those difficult to reach areas. Due to the weight of this machine, we are able to use in delicate areas. This ensures no damage is carried out to any surrounding tiles or surface areas. This small machine allows the operator more control and accuracy to ensure we are completing the grind efficiently …