Tree Stump Grinder Ramps

Chloe Stump Grinding Access

We always ensure we carry around tree stump grinder ramps to all of our jobs. The aluminium ramps enable our operator to drive our largest stump grinding machine up over garden beds, upstairs, downstairs, or over trenches.

In situations like the above, you can see the ramps have been set up. This easily allowed for the machine to access the tree stump that was on the higher level garden bed. Our largest machine is the most efficient machine to use for tree stump grinding. On any job that we come across, our operator will look at all the options. If there’s a way to get our largest stump grinder to the tree stump then we will discuss options to the customer.

We certainly need to take care when using the aluminium ramps. They are needing to take the weight of our largest machine which weighs around the 750kg mark. This means we need to be extra careful when looking at what the ramps will be leaning on. Whether we are ramping up garden beds with wood, metal, or plastic edging. Bessablock, wooden retaining walls. Or just to drive up a set of stairs. We need to ensure no damage can take place to the area as that is the last thing we want to do.

It is common for customers to ask if we carry tree stump grinder ramps. As our operator travels around fully equipped at all times. Our customers will always have the option of using the ramps if required on a job.