Fig Tree Stump Grinding in Brisbane

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Fig Tree Stump in Brisbane

Just Stumpgrinding receives multiple calls throughout the week for tree stump grinding enquiries. The above example is of a fig tree stump grind in Brisbane. The tree stump was immediately adjacent to the customer’s deck. Roots were growing under the building. The customer needed it dealt with.

You can see in the above picture the typical vigorous, invasive fig tree root system. These roots will grow where they want to grow. This can, unfortunately, result in damaged sewer/water pipes, and cause damage to building/housing structures. Can also be a potential trip hazard and not very visually appealing to look at in its current state. This customer wanted to remove the tree and grind the stump and fig tree root systems to remove the risk of the roots causing any damage to the house. 

Fig Tree Stump in Brisbane

Fig Tree stump Grind in Brisbane

There was a decent amount of organic mulch created by our Kanga stump grinder because of the density of the fig tree stump. This organic useable mulch is great for your garden beds and does break down over time. Please note Just Stumpgrinding doesn’t have the facilities to remove any materials from the site. The operator would complete this job by raking all mulch into a pile and blowing all sawdust from the deck area.