Digging Out a Tree Stump

Chloe Root Systems, Stump grinding depth


Digging out a tree stump can be a long tedious tiring job. It is not uncommon when our customers enquire and mention that they have attempted to dig it out themselves. And why wouldn’t you be able to dig it out? What is so hard about digging out a tree stump? 

Firstly, tree stumps are the part of the tree leftover in the ground after the tree has been cut down or felled. Depending on how old the tree was the stump and it’s root systems can be very established in the ground. Different tree species have different roots systems. Whether they have a main taproot (trees more accustomed to droughts) or fibrous roots which grow in a mass from the base (golden canes and palm tree species. Then you have tree species like figs, poincianas and umbrella trees who display surface roots. Typically customers will have a go at digging out these tree stump surface roots as they are very obvious on the ground’s surface. The image above is a great example of a tree stump and roots attempted to be dug out prior to us attending the site. 

Why not give us a call to do the work? Our stump grinder can easily grind the tree stump. Turning it into organic usable mulch.

However, if digging out a tree stump is something you want to consider doing give it a go! keep our number on hand, it will more than likely end up being a bigger job than anticipated.