Red Gum Tree Stump Grind

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Just Stumpgrinding was called out to grind a large red gum tree stump. You can see in the picture below that is looked significantly large next to our kanga stump grinder. As our largest machine is able to move the cutting head back and forth and from side to side. This was no issue for our grinding machine. This is …

Gum Tree Stump Grind in Ipswich

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The above image is from a gum tree stump grind job in Ipswich. Which Just Stumpgrinding successfully completed. Gum tree stumps are a hardwood type. Resulting in a harder stump to grind. Our Kanga stump grinding machine was able to easily convert this stump into a lovely pile of organic mulch. This particular tree stump grind took roughly around an …

Fig Tree Stump Grinding in Brisbane

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Just Stumpgrinding receives multiple calls throughout the week for tree stump grinding enquiries. The above example is of a fig tree stump grind in Brisbane. The tree stump was immediately adjacent to the customer’s deck. Roots were growing under the building. The customer needed it dealt with. You can see in the above picture the typical vigorous, invasive fig tree root …

Tree Stump Grind In Sherwood


Our client needed a tree stump removed in Sherwood. The centre of the tree had rotted out. It was fortunate the tree was removed as it was very weak. The second photo shows the finished product. A nice pile of mulch. This is perfect to use on garden beds.