Steel fencing wire embedded in tree stump

Brian Stump Grinding Hazards

Chinese elm stump with embedded steel wire

This type of stump grinding challenge is pretty common. Birds drop Chinese elm seeds down beside the fence, Chinese elm begins to grow and nobody notices. The Elm grows around the steel fencing and becomes embedded. This becomes a more difficult job and creates extra stump grinding costs. The fencing steel breaks tree stump grinding teeth so we have to grind down underneath the fence to enable removal of the stump. We can do it and have done many of these problem jobs before.

Bamboo Next To Driveway

Chloe Bamboo, Stump grinding depth

Bamboo Removal Brisbane

Just Stumpgrinding receives quite a few phone calls a week from customers wanting to remove their bamboo. This ‘Grass’ species, with over 1500 different types over the world can be a disaster for Brisbane home owners. This is due to the fact of half the species are considered monopodial (running or invasive). When we complete a bamboo stump grind removal we make sure we go 400 to 500mm below ground level to make sure the entire root system has been removed.

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Tight Access Tree Stump Next To Pool

Chloe Portable Hand Held Stump Grinder, Stump Grinding Access, Stump Grinding Hazards

Tree Stump Next To Pool In Ferny Grove

When it comes to difficult access we have a small hand held, portable stump grinder. This picture shows a common example of a stump inside a pool fence with minimal access. As this machine weighs only 40kg we are able to lift it up onto retaining walls, into garden beds or even carry it through your house. We also carry around a barrier which we are able to position next to pools, in front of windows and or cars. It is very rare that we can’t get this grinder to a tree stump. Allowing us to cater for all different access types of tree grinding work throughout the Brisbane suburbs.

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Tree Stump Mulch

Chloe Mulch, Stump grinding depth

Flame Tree Stump in Kenmore
After Stump Grind in Kenmore
Tree Stump Mulsh in Kenmore

Our machines have a large cutting head with sharp tungsten teeth used to grind away tree stumps. You are left with a nice pile of organic and very usable tree mulch. This can be put anywhere on your garden to create better quality soil. As you can see in these images one stump can create quite a large amount of mulch. This customer was wanting to replant in the same spot so we had to make sure we did a nice deep ground to remove all of the stump and root system out.

Stones Surrounding Tree Stump

Chloe Stump Grinding Hazards

In this picture you can see this stump is surrounded by small stones. These are quite common as it is a popular way to decorate and neaten up garden beds. We need to make sure all these rocks are pulled away from the stump, as they can become quite dangerous and cause a threat to windows etc. We do carry barriers around with us at all times, and we would use one in this circumstance to practise safety and caution. We recommend customers move as many of the stones away as possible which will reduce the price in tree stump grinding.

Extensive Surface Root Systems

Chloe Root Systems

Fig tree’s have extensive surface tree roots. As you can see from this picture there can be as much work grinding the roots as there is grinding the stump. Fig tree roots can grow metres from the main stump, which is part of the reason why we need site inspections to give accurate pricing.

Reducing Stump Grinding Costs

Chloe Stump Grinding Access, Stump grinding depth

Palm Tree Stumps

To reduce your stump grinding costs it’s better to get your stumps taken down as low as possible. This photo shows that there is still trunk above the stump. If these stumps were cut just above ground level this would have made for a cheaper stump grinding service. We are able to cut the stumps down lower as we do carry a chainsaw, but there is extra charge for it.

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Difficult Access Tree Stump Surrounded By Concrete

Chloe Stump Grinding Access, Stump Grinding Hazards

Portable Stump Grinder

In this situation we couldn’t get our large hydraulic machine to the stump. So instead we opted for our small portable stump grinder. As you can see in the picture it’s narrow in width and can easily be manoeuvred into difficult areas. This stump was surrounded by concrete which meant we had to take extra care when grinding. Making sure our stump grinder machine didn’t come into contact with the concrete as it can damage our machine cutting teeth.

Deep Stump Grinding For Replanting

Chloe Stump grinding depth

In this situation we needed to use our portable hand held machine to grind deep enough for replanting. This meant grinding 400mm to 500mm below ground level to remove the entire stump and root system. This allowed for a perfect space to plant a new tree. It is important we know what is happening to the area after the stump has been ground out so we can grind to the appropriate depth. We make sure your new plant has plenty of room to grow without getting caught up on an old tree stump.

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Aluminium Ramps For The Stumpgrinder

Chloe Stump Grinding Access

We always try to be the most efficient stump grinder possible using wherever means possible. In this situation we needed to use our aluminium ramps to enable us to use our most efficient stump grinder, down into a boggy building site. We could have used our smaller portable machine, but it would have added to the cost of the job.