Attempting To Burn A Tree Stump

Chloe Portable Hand Held Stump Grinder, Stump Grinding Access

Attempting to burn a tree stump? Sure it seems like the easy thing to do. Wood should burn easily right?

We received a call from a client who had attempted to remove their tree stump by burning it. It had been slow-burning for a few weeks. Annoying the neighbours with smoke, and annoying his partner with smokey washing on the line. You can see a section of the tree stump has been burnt away. However, there is still a significant amount of stump left over. And as this tree stump was in a garden bed the owner was wanting to replant in the area. This meant that a deeper stump grind was required to take it down deeper enough to replant a new tree in the area.

When our operator got to sight and accessed the situation it was determined that we had to use our portable tree stump grinder. This was due to the restricted access to the stump.

So, of course, attempting to burn a tree stump is a possibility. But it will take a while to get through as well as the added hassle in the first place. Give us a call today at Just Stumpgrinding and we can save you the time and effort in removing your tree stump.