Tree Stump Grinder Ramps

Chloe Stump Grinding Access

We always ensure we carry around tree stump grinder ramps to all of our jobs. The aluminium ramps enable our operator to drive our largest stump grinding machine up over garden beds, upstairs, downstairs, or over trenches. In situations like the above, you can see the ramps have been set up. This easily allowed for the machine to access the …

Tree Stump Grind In Sherwood

Chloe Mulch

Our client needed a tree stump removed in Sherwood. The centre of the tree had rotted out. It was fortunate the tree was removed as it was very weak. The second photo shows the finished product. A nice pile of mulch. This is perfect to use on garden beds.

Small Portable Stump Grinder

Chloe Portable Hand Held Stump Grinder, Stump Grinding Access

Our small portable stump grinder enables us to get to those difficult to reach areas. Due to the weight of this machine, we are able to use in delicate areas. This ensures no damage is carried out to any surrounding tiles or surface areas. This small machine allows the operator more control and accuracy to ensure we are completing the grind efficiently …